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The Essential Nature of Our Organs - Basics LET YOUR BODY SPEAK
a dialogue with your organs as an art of healing
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Organs - what means Healing ?
What means Healing ?

Organs - Currants of Energy and
Currants of Energy and Information

Organs - Elemental Beings
Elemental Beings

One of the biggest misconceptions is the assumption that it is about organs when we speak of healing. Of course, the organs are the carriers of our vital functions, but with our healing impulses we basically treat functions; and these are much more far-reaching than the organs in their physical, mental and emotional characteristics. What sounds like a small quibble has extensive consequences. A function is not directly tangible, but can only be determined indirectly on the basis of conclusions. An organ function is in addition dependent on many other factors (eg environment, emotional mood, stress and relaxation).

Another misconception arises from the consideration of the difference between health and healing. If we operate a diseased organ it will be surgically and mechanistically restored, i.e. cured, while we often experience that only then the real healing process begins at soul level. So a spiritual approach to healing includes much more than physical health. In this sense, a person who is in a wheelchair due to an accident can be heal if he had found his or her meaning in life (perhaps even by that accident), whereas a physically healthy person can be in search of healing a lifetime. Quite different a shaman will considering this subject. Here, an apparently intact organ can be spiritually highly disturbed which may appear in a completely different way and context. That, for instance, can be responsible for displeasure in life or even weariness of life.

Here it soon becomes clear that what we call healing and heal of this is dependent on how we look at our bodies, whether we see ourselves as physical beings having spiritual components, or whether we see ourselves as spiritual beings having a body. Unfortunately, we often recognize only the first approach to be valid.
Once we stick on the trail to healing the definition of health of H.G. Gadamer brings us closer to this subject as he wrote that health would be the "pleasurable silence of the organs"

Healing goes far beyond that. If we follow the statements of famous healers we'll come quite quickly to terms such as "wholeness" or experiences of "unity" - and over again we encounter a comprehensive love in many forms, but first and foremost a love for ourselves as a perfect being who is capable of literally radiate healing.
However, this implies by no means to belittle the blessings of modern medicine, but to see healing in a synthesis of medical-physical, mental, psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual endeavour. In this way, each health craft becomes a healing art that will be infectious in love.