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The Essential Nature of Our Organs - how to access the elemental beings of the organs LET YOUR BODY SPEAK
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access to the organs - Reflexology

access to the organs - Acupressure

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years energy channels play an important role. These "meridians" pass through the organism like irrigation channels and provide body and soul with energy. There are 26 main meridians, 12 on the left half of the body 12 on the right half, 1 on the centre line and the front and one at the rear centre line. Although the bilateral meridians have references to the organs and are named after them, such as “liver”, “lung”, “heart” or “kidney” meridian, but their meanings are much more far-reaching than our anatomical, physiological or pathological ideas.

In this concept of energy channels as in an irrigation system the effort is to keep the flow everywhere consistently and in harmony. Thus, the physical and mental balance is obtained and our overall well-being is ensured. The areas that are supplied by a meridian will suffer when it is empty, just as if it is too full. Therefore, all treatments have the goal to fill empty meridians and balance out the ones which are overflowing. For this purpose, we can trace the "river courses" with your fingers or with crystal wands and we can activate selectively the "floodgates" - the acupressure points.

When it comes to directing energy cristal wands will be a good choice. Thus we are able to conduct excessive energy accumulation in under-supplied areas to revive them, and on the other hand derive jammed energies in order to relax the situation. The crystal wands have proven their effectiveness for nearly two decades, since their shape allows an optimal tracing or massaging the meridians. In addition, the different effects of the gemstone assist us in balancing the energy flows. So we can use for example a crystal wand made of red jasper for an energetically under-supplied meridian and on the other hand a crystal wand out of aventurine will equalize an exuberant meridian.