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The Essential Nature of Our Organs - how to access the elemental beings of the organs LET YOUR BODY SPEAK
a dialogue with your organs as an art of healing
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 access to the organs - Loving Mindfulness
Loving Mindfulness

access to the organs - Reflexology

access to the organs - Acupressure

Loving mindfulness is a state of consciousness where we focus our undivided attention on the here and now, in a spirit of openness to all experiences and living things. This is associated with a relaxed orientation in the present that does not want to change anything and does not judge, but is alert and attentive to what is reflected in our perception.

Loving Mindfulness has four roots in Buddhism. This includes an intentional consciousness
  1. on the body
  2. on the feelings and sensations
  3. the thoughts and the mind
  4. on the perceptions of the mind

In contrast to concentration that has a focus mindfulness comprises an opening of our perspective, an "all-around-awareness", which also includes the possibility of unexpected perceptions. This is accompanied by a loving inner serenity where quick decisions certainly will be possible, but they arise out of the moment and include superordinate aspects the mind alone could not comprehend. These, too, are the moments we experience as a state of happiness.
Thus loving mindfulness is the ideal state in which we can perceive our bodies and our organs beyond the anatomical facts, a state of mind where we come in touch with our inner awareness and the awareness of the organs.